There’s so much going on both on the surface level of Dilute's music and beneath it that it's hard to create an orderly method of description.

Those that have been following me probably have seen that I’ve posted the band Dilute before, with their sophomore (Which I didn’t realise at the time) and live albums. A few months after posting it I came across another album, their debut. Much harder to get your hands on, this really pulled together theories about the band and their music that have been rattling in my head. It’s also much more accessible, and in general I felt like I had just missed the first hour and a half of a beautiful movie.

So this album and Dilute, as a whole, feel to me like a journey through the eyes of a dude, through early puberty and adolescence, with his experience all accounted, which continues onto Grape Blueprints Pour Spinach Olive Grape.

It is a childish and moody album, for a few reasons. Some track names are either a play on words or just generally silly. “Rock And/or Roll”, “Intro” (It’s funny because it’s actually track 6), “Freedumb”, “Improdivisations” (Which I’ve misslabelled as “Improvisations”).

When you play the album, it feels like a child stuffed in the body of an adult has decided to bellow his life at you. Rapidly changing odd rhythms and melodies, Marty both conducts and restrains each instrument’s individual voice with his bizarre and unparalleled vocals. You get a facade of sweet melodic riffs and progressions—sometimes even up to the last minute of the whole song—before a sudden explosion, and the full colour and depth of the band shine through. It’s overwhelming at times.

I’ll write an essay on this album one day. Take this album and listen to it in bed at night, when nothing else will bother you. Absorb the album that makes full use of melody, harmony, rhythm and dynamics. Alternatively, browse the internet.


  1. Bea
  2. Arrows Pointed Down
  3. Queer Dork Song
  4. Rock And/Or Roll
  5. Freedumb
  6. Intro
  7. Saving A Life
  8. Improdivisations*


*I labelled this Improvisations when I first uploaded it since I thought it was a mistake. will automatically correct this to the right tag if you can’t be bothered, but if you have severe OCD then please correct this.

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